Sunday, 16 August 2009

Fermin Muguruza: The Prolific Chamaleon

And listening some music whilst I write my screenplay Banglatown, I listen healthy inspiring and rebelliously-justified music through one of the best Basque Country rock, introducers of the ska in Spain and lovers of the música punk vasca, revolucionaria de fiesta - a Basque band of all times, good times of a democracy re-established in Spain only 6 years ago. It is my pleasure to introduce in here Kortatu.

El último Ska

There's a reminiscent event in my life where I'm up-to-date reassured I saw the lead singer of Kortatu, Fermin Muguruza (bio), once at an airport's waiting area of which name I happened not to remember. But the feeling was good, was of of asking that man so alike , sat down with a blonde 40-something lady and a dark-haired boy playing about - are you Fermín Muguruza? It's someting that I'd probably always regret for not having asking him whilst he was there, and so alike! And I like what he's done for the Basque musical scene.

In his many facets as an interestingly prolific artist, Fermin Muguruza is also a filmmaker that has recently directed a documentary film called Checkpoint Rock. Looking forward to it!
The co-direction with Javier Corcuera and the trailer of the film are a good promise of film to come this 2009.

Fermin has meaningfully progressed as an artist of many trades and is one of the most important figures of the Spanish cultural scene from the 80s up to today.

Here I leave you with a music video of him. All of a visual and aesthetic spectacle that accompanies lyrics shouting for freedom.

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