Sunday, 16 August 2009

Clara & The Real Lowdown

I'm proud to public in my blog that wonderful singer, ukelele player and songwriter Clara's video - Hopetown House is finished and out there!

The song, Hopetown House, is part of Clara's second album with the London-based band The Real Lowdown.

The effort has been pleasantry rewarding and here are the results for you: - WATCH VIDEO

And remember, the video has been directed by myself and produced by me and Matteo Rolleri through The Hare & The Tortoise Productions and Danseuse Films. Actors such as Ronnie Bylli W and Kelsey Poynter. Photography: Lukas Demgenski. Customes: Nicola Helgesen.

I'd be chuffed if you leave a constructive comment or opinion on the video, thanks!

Besides, you can always listen to further music from Clara by listening to this podcast from 'Discópolis: 24 Abril 2009' where Clara and Harvey Brough tell and sing to the audience their music

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